The Progression Of “Ruth”

Ruth is number ten in my series of “Women’s Studies” paintings.  My daughter, Alexa Carlo-Hickman, was my model for Ruth, so this was especially personal!  I really wanted it to look like her, and it does resemble her, but, like the rest, it is not an exact portrait.  I had to change her nose, eyes and eyebrows.  I did a lot of research for the background of this painting, as I had done for “The Shunammite Woman”.  There is a mountain range all around the eastern and southern edges of the Dead Sea, with a heavily traveled trading route on a ridge all along the range.  This is the setting for Ruth’s declaration of loyalty to Naomi.  I had a pretty good time painting Ruth, especially while I was thinking, “Only tp1160076wo left to go…”p1160072p1160071p1160070ruthp1160088p1160080