Insanely Fast!


This is crazy!  I started working on the pattern for “Mary, Mother Of Jesus” on August 12th, and I finished her just FOUR DAYS LATER, on August 16th!  That’s a real record for this project!  I had no major problems or obstacles that needed to be worked out, not even anything I want to fiddle with after the fact.  Everything went quickly and smoothly.  Wow!  Would that they all could be so painless!  With the completion of Mary, I am now two thirds of the way towards my goal of finishing all twelve paintings.  I’m getting excited to get them finished.  I have her calligraphy yet to do, but that shouldn’t take but a couple of days or so.  I can’t get over how fast it went.  I think Jesus just wouldn’t want me to mess up His Mamma!  I thank Him for letting me paint her (as I envision her) so painlessly!P1150278 P1150282 P1150275 P1150272 P1150269 P1150268 P1150266 P1150262

“Sarah” Has Come And Gone!

Oh my goodness!  I’m thinking I got a new computer somewhere in between this post and my last one, which may account for no recent posts about the creation of “Sarah”.  She went well.  I started her in July and finished her yesterday, including all calligraphy.  She, along with “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”, both await framing.  “Sarah” was challenging to do in many respects, but not something I thought would be awfully troublesome.  The one thing that annoys me is the tent flap, which seems like a silly thing to give me trouble.  I may fiddle with it some more.  Meanwhile, here are a few pics of her progression.P1150228 P1150223 P1150131 P1150171 P1150185