Back From INNOVA/8!

Well, I have been gone for four days, last Wednesday – Saturday.  My Man Jim and I drove to Franklin, TN, for a seminar/conference called INNOVA/8 2016.  It was given by “48 Days” founder and entrepreneur and author Dan Miller, along with his wife Joanne, artist and author.  There were some incredible guest speakers, among them Ken Davis, author and sought-after speaker, and Bob Baker, musician, band member/leader, song writer, author, magician, improv comedian, and artist.  Now, THAT is multi-faceted!!!  I spoke with him personally, and bought one of his books (he’s also an excellent salesman!).  I also bought one of Dan’s books, and Joanne’s first book.  Ken’s book was given to us as a courtesy.  This conference, given twice a year, is geared specifically towards creative people who are looking for better ways to maximize their exposure, increase their sales, or just figure out what their passion is in the first place.  Many are changing careers or retiring, and searching for an outlet for their talents.  Amazingly, there were also a large number of IT people in attendance as well.  Ages ranged from 17 to 94!  The most colorful person was a “tree eater”.  He took overgrown areas of clients’ properties and created park-like settings by identifying and removing trash trees, keeping desirable trees, clearing out brush and undergrowth, and turning eyesores on the properties into places of beauty.  He was extremely passionate about his talent and love for his occupation!  I met so many gifted people!  Many stopped me to comment on “Eve.”  I took her along as a representation of my work and what I wanted to do with her and all the other women I’m painting and writing about.  IT people gave me wonderful ideas for my web site here and on my facebook page, youtube, and many other hi-tech venues.  It was a great experience to mingle with so many other talented people, all in the same place, but not necessarily possessing the same talents!  I also had a two-hour conversation with a lay-out and design firm which works with publishers.  We discussed the differences between on-demand book publishing vs traditional volume publishing, which is great information for novice writers self-publishing their first books.   What a whirlwind week!  The carved eagle was made from a dead cedar tree that Dan Miller had someone carve into the trunk rather than cut it down.  The eagle is the symbol for their 48 Days program.  That’s creative!  It stood close by to the conference center, a restored and remodeled old barn, which they call “The Sanctuary”.  The front porch of The Sanctuary is where I had “Eve” set up, along with the Millers’ 9 year old granddaughter’s paintings.P1140310 P1140313

Preparing for a trip

I got “The Shunammite Woman” back from the framer late Saturday afternoon.  We took her to church with us Sunday and hung her up on the wall along with the others.  There’s still an awfully lot of lo-o-o-o-o-ng hallway left, just waiting for the other seven to be painted.  As soon as we return from our trip to Tennessee, I will be making a VERY concerted effort to get a photo shoot lined up with my models.  I am antsy to get going on them!  Speaking of traveling, Jim and I will be leaving day-after-tomorrow for a conference/seminar in Franklin, TN, hosted by Dan Miller and his 48 Days program.  This particular conference will center on how people in the creative arts can better develop their talents into a business.  We are looking forward to meeting new people, building a networking support system, and learning as much as possible!

Catching up!

The busyness of life

Oh my goodness!  The busyness of life caught up with me!  It’s been a while since I last posted about my work on “Rahab, The Harlot”.  I have completed three more pastel paintings for my series of “WOMEN’S STUDIES–Defining Moments.”  With God’s help and some wonderful models, I have created “Eve”, “Esther”, and “The Shunammite Woman”.  I have so many stories I could tell about each one as I researched and painted them!  Not only did I find a lone crate of pomegranates in the store in the off season, but out of all the fruits in that crate, there was one only that did not have the star-looking blossom end cut off!  Eve had a real fruit model to hold.  The leaf and growth structureThe Shunammite WomanEsther I researched online.  Esther was interesting because I had to transform the beautiful model from a blonde with short hair and blue eyes to a dark eyed beauty with long silky black hair.  As for the Shunammite woman, I found a cute little donkey for her to be holding.  It was amazing I could find a donkey model!Eve