She’s All Done, And It’s All Good!

I tinkered around with “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”, and corrected a few tiny little things that no one but me would ever notice, but she’s exactly the way I want her now.  The hardest part of any of these paintings for me is the lettering of the scriptures which accompany each piece.  I don’t enjoy lettering of any kind, but since this is a God-given project, I must do what He tells me to do!  So, after a few days of deliberation about which scriptures from the four different accounts I would use, I selected verses from Luke and Mark.  One night I did the title.  The morning after that, I completed the body of the lettering.  On the third day, I intended to outline the title only, but ended up designing and completing the border pattern as well.  They are little crosses!  Amazingly, everything went smoothly and I got it all done and cleaned up.  So, #thewomanwhoanointedjesus awaits framing!  Now, it’s on to preparing for “Sarah”…P1140956 P1140674