Back from the Eye Doctor; Back from the Framer

A lot has gone on since my last post.  After I took The Woman At The Well to the framer, I began to experience some eye problems.  One of the problems was I just couldn’t see worth a hoot anymore!  I have been to the doctor 3 times since the first week of September, and little by little, he has been getting my eyesight more back to normal.  I had inflamed and swollen corneas, brought on by trying out a new mascara which happened to be waterproof–big mistake!  Particles of it, which don’t dissolve, got into my eyes and just irritated the starch out of them.  I had a week of antibiotic drops and no contacts; then a week of trial lenses to try out, which didn’t help my vision that much; then some tweaking of the prescriptions and ordering more trial contacts to see how they do when they come in.  That will necessitate a fourth trip to the doc’s office.  We’ll see how that works out.  So far, he has my vision at 20/25 for both eyes and previous doctors could get me only to 20/30.  I think he will do whatever is possible to get me the best vision I’m capable of.  It may not be perfect 20/20, but it has to be better than what I was experiencing before!   On the same day (this last Wednesday) I stopped by the framer’s and finally got The Woman At The Well.  SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!  I love the job my new framer did in putting her together.  What do you think?P1040687