“The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” Is Officially Finished!

I have tinkered around and fiddled with small details on this painting, P1140674and I believe she is finished.  There comes a time on every painting when you just know that enough is enough, and you’ll only go downhill if you fool around with it any more.  Every artist needs to know within his or her own being when a painting is finished!  Therefore, “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” is FINISHED!  Now, I need to move on to the supporting scripture calligraphy for her.

Moving Right Along…

I did a lot of tweaking tonight on “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”.  I worked on her eyes, lips, forehead, jaw line, neck, and tears, all before I got into actually applying new color to new areas.  Tonight I finished her hair, earring, and part of her upper back and shoulder.  I think the hardest part is over.  Hopefully, it will continue to move along well!  I like her, so far…  She is a special lady with a lot of meaning to me.P1140619

She Lives!

I always feel like my paintings don’t come alive until I get the subject’s eyes done.  Yesterday, I was able to complete her whole face!  There’s still some more tweaking to do, but she lives now!  And she feels.  I’d like to finish up her hair tonight, as well as the tweaks.  Then, maybe over the weekend I’ll be able to finish her up completely.  That would be pretty awesome!  I believe it would be a speed record for any painting in this series, so far.  Although I’m certainly not aiming for any speed records in this project, I always like to finish up a piece and move to the next one.  Oh, I forgot…I still have the calligraphy to do, too…P1140566P1140563

Color Has Begun!

Color has begun!
Tonight I started laying down color on “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the background, so I got a much later start than I had wanted to because I gave it much thought.  But, it’s a start, and I’m excited about that!  I came to the conclusion that the background isn’t important here, especially since there’s so little of it.  I want to focus all the attention on her, what she’s feeling, and what’s she’s doing.  So, the background is super minimal.  I like it that way.  I need to work on that leg a little more, especially around the ankle area.  And, how do you make a man’s hairy leg look hairy?  New challenge!  Hoping tomorrow I can finish both legs and feet, the alabaster flask, and start on her beautiful hair.

P1140561 P1140562

Got It Done!


Today was a very busy day!  Got my photo shoot done for four more paintings in my “Women’s Studies” series.  It took me from about 9:45 am until 2:10 pm.  Then we all went out to lunch together:  me, three models and the lighting technicians.  I got home about 4:30 pm.  I think I got some really good shots though.  I’ve included my favorite for “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”P1140452

Photo Shoot!!!

Yes!!!  Tomorrow is a photo shoot.

Yes!!!  Tomorrow is a photo shoot.  I have three models lined up, the lighting technician available, and a day the church is open and available for us to be there!  I will be photographing these ladies for “Sarah”, “Mary, Mother Of Jesus”, “The Woman With An Issue Of Blood”, and “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”.  It will be a busy day, starting about 9:30 am when I get there early to rummage through the wardrobe closet to select some appropriate costumes.  I must remember to take my headscarves props.  Last time I did a shoot for “The Shunammite Woman”, I forgot to take them and almost couldn’t find a substitute!  Around 10:00 am, I will photograph “The Woman With The issue Of Blood” and “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”.  The same model is serving for both.  She has to leave at 11:30 am, and my next subject, “Sarah”, will arrive about that time for her photo session.  I may finish with her around noonish.  Then, I hang out about an hour or so until “Mary, Mother Of Jesus” arrives.  I expect to finish her in about half an hour or so.  Hopefully, all three ladies will be available for me to take them to lunch afterwards, as a way to thank them for graciously giving me their time out of their busy schedules.  For me, it will be a very exciting day!  Getting four more subjects photographed gives me the information I need to paint four more women in my “Women’s Studies” series. This would bring the number of completed paintings to nine.  Then, three quarters done, only three more left to complete.  Hello book!!!!P1140439

Decorating With Art

Decorating With ArtP1140420

I’m going to deviate a little from my usual chronicles of creating art, and talk about some things which I hope you will find useful.  In the days and weeks ahead, I want to share some nuggets of what I’ve learned over the years in dealing with originals and prints, matting and framing, what glass to use, decorating, and so forth.  Tonight I will discuss some simple tips I’ve learned while decorating with art.  Simple things that make a huge difference in creating just the right look in your home or office.

So, you just brought home a beautiful new piece of artwork!  You love it and want to showcase it in the best way possible.  Aside from special spotlights and making it the in-your-face focal point of the entire room, how can you accomplish this?  Not all art work is going to be the huge cherished painting over the sofa, so what do you do with others to show them off to best advantage?  Here are some tips that might help.

First, color, Color, COLOR!  Identify the color or colors in the art that you most want to play up.  Hang the art in a room that has harmonizing walls and/or floor coverings. They can be totally neutral, but try not to display the work in a room where the walls or rugs just flat-out clash with the dominate color(s) of the art.  When you know where you want to hang the art, if possible, have a small table or other flat surface under or very near it.  You might even consider installing one of those attractive but inexpensive wall shelves found in so many stores.  Place it to the side or underneath where the artwork is to hang, depending on your space.  Second, most of us have lots of little nick-knacks that are often packed away because we love them, yet have not found a way to display them.  Or maybe they’re tucked into an already crowded china cabinet.  Items could be figurines, special bowls, a decorative plate you could display on a stand, vases, even art glass or pottery objects.  Check those out to see if anything has the dominant color(s) found in the art.  If you don’t have anything that works, thrift shops, antique malls, and flea markets are great places to find that perfect object with the right colors at an inexpensive price.  Once you have hung the art over or near the table, dresser, shelf, or other flat surface nearby, place your chosen object(s) on the nearby surface.  One larger object or a couple of smaller ones is all it takes to tie that art to the rest of the mini decor you’ve just created for that portion of the room.  It will not look haphazard, but planned by a professional!  Suppose you don’t have room for a table or shelf?  Place your art over or very near an upholstered chair or love seat that plays up the same dominate color(s).  Don’t forget the drapes on the windows!  You can also hang the art next to a window treatment featuring the same colors.  One BIG caveat:  never buy art just to match the drapes and walls!  Buy it because you love it!

I’ve attached a series of mini-decors from my own home that I hope illustrates what I’m describing.  Can you pick out the one that doesn’t meet the criteria?  I hope this has given you some ideas of how to blend some favorite decorator objects with your art into the decor of a room, tying them all together coherently and beautifully!


Back To Normal

It took me longer than I expected to recuperate from this trip to Tennessee, but I am finally feeling rested and pretty much back to normal.  I’d had some serious issues with fluid build-up in my hands and legs/feet.  Four days of mostly sitting and some standing, plus nothing but restaurant food nearly did me in.  WAY TOO MUCH SODIUM!!!  Anyway, now that that’s behind me, I’m ready to get working again!  Tomorrow will be my day for calling the lighting technician and some of my models to see if I can get a photo shoot lined up.  Three of the models are from my church, as well as the light tech.  Since I’m using the church stage lighting for special effect for the shoots, I’m hoping I can get shoots done for four more paintings.  One model will be portraying “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”, and “The Woman With An Issue Of Blood”.  One will portray “Mary, Mother Of Jesus”, and the other will portray “Sarah”.  The last three paintings will involve two models who may be harder to get photo shoots with.  They don’t live in this area and will have to travel here.  That might be tricky, but I’m hopeful we can work out something!  One I know will work out somehow, because she’s my daughter!  🙂  I can’t wait to get back to painting again!