“Rahab’s” Progression

  • Once “Rahab’s” pattern was complete, and I started to add color, her face went through more metamorphosis:  Her mouth, her eyes, her clothes all needed reworking to make her look less hard, less shifty-eyed, and like she was standing in a dark, moonlit room instead of merely a person with blue skin!  I still may make some changes to the window frame, but otherwise, except for the scripture lettering I need to do, I think I have her complete.
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“Rahab” from start to finish!

Oh my….I’ve been so remiss!  It took me FOREVER to get to “Rahab”.  At my last post, I was just trying to get my eyes cleared up from infections on my corneas; that took over two months, into November!  From early November to early January, I was undergoing a battery of tests brought on by some not-very-good blood work reports from my doctor.  I had to have sonograms and CT scans and numerous visits to doctors for their specialties in whatever “ailed” me.  It’s scary when you have a certain screening, and that report shows something negative that requires a more extensive test.  These things consumed a lot of my thought life, and in between all that were the Christmas holidays.  Finally, in the first week of January, the last test result came back; ALL the tests turned out to be false alarms.  Almost immediately, I came down with a very nasty sinus/respiratory illness that was pretty debilitating; that finally cleared up enough, after about 3 weeks, for me to get to work on Rahab.  Rahab’s face went through several metamorphosis in the pattern stage, and even more during the painting process.  She was hard to paint, and did not fall into place nearly so easily as “The Woman At The Well” did, but I got ‘er done!  I’m still not sure whether I may make a change in the window frame behind her, and I have yet to do the scriptures lettering for her story, but I have finalized, just this evening, which ones I want to use, and it’s now a matter of going into the studio to make the pattern for them, and then just do it! P1060264 P1060300 P1060309 P1060314