Now that “The Woman At The Well” is completed and at the framer’s, I cannot rest on my laurels.  Rahab is a prostitute from the Old Testament who put her faith to work to save some men of God, and in the process, saved her whole family from destruction.  Amina Antoury is again my model for this woman.  I photographed her as Rahab at the same time I had photographed her as the woman at the well.  I’m sad she won’t see the original art while she’s here over Labor Day unless we take a trip to Artistically Framed; estimated framing completion date is 9/17.  Anyway, Rahab should be interesting because I get to paint a “painted lady”, with her hair showing and some flashy jewelry and clothes.  Should be fun!  Again, it will be a stroke by stroke chronology of its creation. See additional info. at facebook: