This evening I began and finished the transferring process of the lettering pattern onto the nice, chestnut brown paper I purchased yesterday.  I thought about starting some actual lettering with ink, but then realized I needed to clean my pen nibs and the pen holder which contains a small ink well.  So, I came upstairs and plunked them into some soaking/cleaning solution I also bought yesterday.  🙂  I’m waiting until tomorrow to start the actual lettering because my arm is a little cramped–it always gets me in the elbow–and I want to rest it, so tomorrow it should be ok after a night’s rest.  I’ve learned that if I try to push through on a lettering project with a tired arm, I just tend to rush to finish, and grow sloppier and sloppier as my arm hurts more, in an effort to hurry up and finish.  After the lettering is complete, I will put some sort of gold scroll border, as yet to be designed, around the lettering to set it off.  Should be really pretty, if all turns out as envisioned.