OCEAN GOLD – Jean’s Original Art




OCEAN GOLD –  Framed dimensions are 29.5” T x 38” W – Who doesn’t love the beach?  I grew up on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, so I love the water.  Now that I live in the mountains, I get homesick for the smell of salt air and the sound of ocean waves.  Our beach of choice happens to be the Outer Banks of North Carolina at Kitty Hawk.  In all its moods, the ocean captivates with its rhythmic power and primordial consistency. The vista, no matter what time of the year, never fails to impress and inspire, refresh and rejuvenate.  All of the senses are excited, from the smell and taste of the salt air, to the roar of the breakers, and the magnificent sunrises (as shown here), sunsets, and moonscapes.  Even in the ordinary daylight, the feel of the soft sand on our feet is soothing.  Let’s go back to the beach soon!  This original soft pastel painting is framed with a top mat of rusty suede, and an inner mat of metallic gold.  The frame is an elegant heavy gold with a rose gold blush.     $3,295.00


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