I started coloring in the background on the 24th July, and it didn’t meet my expectations.  I worked on it some more on the 25th, but it still didn’t suit so I didn’t post a photo.  You know how you can think about something so much you can become totally overwhelmed by it?  Well, that’s the background situation with “The Woman At The Well”…so I needed to take a little time off to “underwhelm” my brain and think a little more clearly.  I don’t like that background and have decided that it has to go.  It looks amateurish, and distracts from the subject.  It took a couple days of being away from it to come up with another way to approach it, so I will be trying a new background when I get back to the studio, hopefully tomorrow.  In my days off, I got some important stuff done around the house while I cogitated on that background thing…stay tuned!