Early this afternoon I headed out to the local Hobby Lobby and Michael’s stores.  I prefer to purchase my art supplies from online sources or a great art supply place near VCU in Richmond, but right now I don’t have the time for either of those options, and these stores filled a necessary gap.  About 3 hours later and $140 lighter, I came home with various papers, India and calligraphy inks, a pastel pencil set, and a kit containing pastel blenders, sharpeners, and other small paraphernalia for working with pastels, calligraphy markers, and metallic gold and silver markers.  Jim and I carried them all down to the studio this evening and compared the papers with the original, and I like them.  I will end up using two separate pieces of paper under one mat with separate openings for each: the image in one, and the lettering in the other, at the bottom.  I think this will really work!  As Scarlett would have said, “Tomorrow is another day!”