Last month I wrote about forming a group to brainstorm and mentor artists who want to turn their non-musical gifts into a ministry.  I believe this is indeed necessary, but I am no longer sure I am the person to organize and head up such a group.  I say that because, after talking with a few trusted friends who loved the idea, a point was made that I had not considered:  Did I feel led of God to do this, or was I entertaining the idea because it entertained me?  In other words, how much of my time would I devote to this vs actual art?  I happened to be between projects at the time, and was searching for a next step.  I believe God wants me involved.  Can I do both?  I have no idea!

But now, I have received from Him a new vision for a future work project.  And, it blows my mind!  It’s putting into visual form the prophetic messages of some of the prophets of both the Old and New Testaments.  Fantasy art.  Yes, you read that right!  Fantasy in that the Bible is replete with visions containing all manner of many-headed, many-horned, multiple-eyed monsters and beasts, evil villains, and debauched women, fiery places and a new world.  We have to imagine them because we’ve never seen such things.  There are also mystical, beautiful, but powerful godly creatures who battle the forces of evil in a dark spiritual world of warfare, and visions of heavenly kingdoms and roasting hells we cannot begin to fathom in our finite world.  But, like so many others before me down through the centuries, I must try…  And so, I will, because that is my next project.  This is an entirely new genre for me!  I am so used to painting what I see, what I know, the beauty I revel in and gaze on with wonder.  How do I start?  At this point, with a lot of prayer, I can at least start with what I know: horses and clouds and women (learned from my last project!) and riders…  Eventually branching out into phantasmagorical weird stuff.  I guess God will help me out!  Scary!  Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.  What a challenge, though!

How would you start?  Would you leap right into the depths, or stick your toe in first to test the waters?  Wait, what about the group?  What would their visions be?  Would this not be a great place to brainstorm how to bring such a project about?  I wish the group already existed!  I could ask them for help!  But, since it doesn’t, my only alternative is to express what I’m dealing with and working on to the online group I belong to.  “Created To Thrive” members are more than happy to mentor.  They will walk along with me on this journey of discovery.

Bottom line:  if you do not have a group of artist friends or mentors who can help you achieve your visions for the future, find a group online and join it.  They can be invaluable help with constructive critiques of your work, suggestions for managing you time better to achieve what you want to accomplish, and simply serve as inspirations themselves.  They also serve to let you know you are not alone on this journey.  This helps you create visions for your future, too!  Future art, future relationships, future income, future solutions to nagging problems, and so much more.  The benefits can be enormous!   Who knows, maybe you’ll become inspired to start your own group!  It takes having some vision!



We’ve all heard that two heads are better than one, right?  But art is a lonely profession.  Any kind of art.  Any medium.  You (the artist) alone can think it, visualize it, plan it, create it.  Often, having others around impedes the process.  It’s all up to you, and only you.  Once the work is completed, then what?  Sometimes, it seems like an uphill battle.

If you want to use your work as a ministry, it’s even worse.  There’s no place for you!  Unless you are involved in music ministry, most churches have no programs for mentoring or developing other types of artists who have been given a gift other than music.  It’s not that music isn’t extremely important — it is!  And it’s a powerful worship tool.  But, so are many other kinds of art:  painting and sculpture, writing and poetry, fiber art, metal work, and so many others.  Of course, I am involved personally with the painting, writing and poetry aspects.  I know there must be others like me who sit in church Sunday after Sunday, listening to the soaring music, and leave feeling frustrated because they have been given a precious gift, and want to use it for the Lord as a ministry, but don’t know how.

If we look back over the centuries, It is evident that many of the arts played important functions in advancing not only religion, but civilization as a whole.  Before there was even written language, there was art.   Cave art, wall art, carving.  After the written word came about, but before most of the population could read, paintings told stories on walls, ceilings, and large panels.  Sculptures of familiar or symbolic figures adorned courtyards and buildings.  Tapestries which told stories in woven art of historic and religious incidents, were hung as wall coverings or from ceiling rafters.  All captured the moments of important events and told those stories without the viewer having to read anything.  As populations became more educated and more people learned how to read and write, the Bible was translated, printed, and became the most used educational tool of all time.  These skilled artists used their precious gifts as powerful teaching ministries.  Where would we be without art and writing, in addition to music?

I thought at first it was just me, but after I joined an online Christian mentoring group made up of artists from all over the country, I heard comments to the contrary.  Seems this is not an isolated problem unique only to me!  I began to feel normal!  But I also began to think about how to break the loneliness of the creating artists, how to help them turn their gifts into ministries, and how to make it all happen!  The answer?  Group think!

I’m thinking about putting together a group of people who have skills and gifts other than music, (but music people won’t be left out) to help those of us develop our gifts into a ministry.  I’d want to work with all the area churches, not just my church.  Most churches don’t have enough artists and artisans to form a group!  Maybe twice a year we could find an appropriate venue to host an area-wide art show for our members, complete with sponsors, hosting a patrons-only preview gala the evening before the “official” show opens to the general public.  Every artist would have a venue to showcase his or her work, and a voice to get the message out there of what they are each tying to do.  We could brainstorm during periodic meetings inJean Carter Kimble's Pastel Art the interim for better ideas and to support one another.  It would be live.  Not online.  Not alone.  Not cold typing on a keyboard and looking at someone’s photo.  Flesh and blood exchanging ideas and forming friendships through the mutual bond of creativity.   Many heads together are even better than two!  Group think!



This has been a busy and interesting week.  Seems like I have accomplished a lot, even though I haven’t gone anywhere, although I will tomorrow.  So, what did I do?  Mostly, it concerned behind-the-scenes work.

First, for a couple of weeks I have been mulling over an invitation to join an artists’ association closed online group.  It was founded and started by a pastel artist on the west coast who gives online courses on pastel techniques, business tips on running an art business, techie tips for selling online, and much more.  I have listened to some of his free seminars, but I was hesitant to join this group because it mandates a monthly charge, and I wasn’t sure I would find it helpful.  Now, I’m all about networking with like-minded people, sharing tips and information and such, but have found it exceedingly difficult with the local artists I have met here where I live.  They are interested in me only if they think I will buy something from them.  Otherwise, they seem to care nothing for any kind of communication.  I found this extremely disappointing.  I didn’t want to be paying a monthly fee for the same kind of treatment!  Two days ago, I bit the bullet and signed up for membership in this group, The Abundant Artist.  I’m beginning to think I’ve been blessed!  Information sharing galore!  Pastel wildlife artists!  Photo-realism artists!  Very high-quality art work in all categories!  All kinds of artists in diverse mediums as well, but whose work I can admire even though it’s quite different from mine!  Many are writing books, too.  I simply see a wealth of information coming from this.  Seems these people want to share, and that’s what it’s all about.  Supporting one another.  Keeping it real.

Second, at a business meeting I attended in the spring sponsored by the Shenandoah Arts Council, of which I am a member, a web page designer taught on designing web pages, and what makes a good page.  One of his key points was the need for a “slogan” 5-7 words long, that described the contents of the site.  I had been using “Art That Takes You There.”  Other people responded with statements such as, “Oh, I LOVE that!” or “I wish I had thought of that” or “I sure could use that!”  I had to say out loud, “It’s mine!  You can’t have it!”  I laughed when I said it, but I was seriously thinking I better protect this thing!  My Man Jim and I began researching a copyright for it.  We found out one cannot copyright a title or a short phrase, but one CAN register it as a trademark.  Then, we began looking into legal fees for this, and found that the most rock bottom out there was Legal Zoom, and they charged $749 for the search through all the states and internet sites.  IF it was found anywhere else, they would notify you, but you were still out of $749 because they spent their time doing the search.  Now, God is so cool!  He just brought the right information at the right time!  I mentioned my dilemma over paying so much to my son, John (my editor for forthcoming book) and he sent me a U.S. Gov’t website for patents, copyrights, and trademarks where you can do the search yourself.  Jim proceeded to do just that.  It took a while, and he used many combinations of the words in the phrase just to be sure it wasn’t close enough to something else out there.  It wasn’t.  Next, he filled out the application forms for me.  We paid the — get this — $225 fee, and their examining attorney will conduct a search and notify me the same way a private lawyer would have.  Only, I won’t be out $749 or more, I’ll be out only $225 if it’s already in use.  We went ahead because it appeared we were pretty safe.  I will know for sure in 3-4 months.  That is something worth sharing on an Abundant Artist online group post.  I’m sure there are a lot of artists out there who’d like to know this information and save a lot of money!  Now, that’s really keeping it real!

As for where I am going tomorrow, I am returning to my hometown of Kilmarnock, VA.  My framer is located there, and she has finished framing the last two paintings of my women’s series for my book, “Pharaoh’s Daughter'” and “The Woman Caught In Adultery.”  I’m excited to see them fully “dressed” and can’t wait to bring the last of my girls home, where they can join their sisters.  There is so much diversity in this group of twelve women!  Some were wealthy, some were dead broke, and a couple were even naked,  All of them, just as we are, were naked before God almighty.  But all, I believe, came into the sisterhood of Christ.  Most had life-changing experiences, defining moments, if you will, where they changed the way they thought, and they changed the world.  I hope I can do them justice as I tell their stories in my book, which I will title THE RICH, THE POOR, AND THE NAKED —  Finding Peace Out Of Turmoil From The Stories Of Twelve Biblical Women.  You can’t get much more real than that!

Tonight, I am feeling so blessed and sort of over the moon!







Here in the mountains of Virginia where I live, the timber, or canebrake rattlesnake is often found.  It is a shy snake, preferring to be left alone, and would rather remain hidden or slither quietly away than fight, unless forced to.  But, would you trust that snake not to bite you?  That’s sure an open-ended question which depends on individual circumstances for answers, but the principle here is somewhat analogous to what I’m thinking.

We in the creative world depend a lot on trust.  Generally speaking, creatives are trusting people.  Of course, we trust our families, friends and acquaintances.  But we also trust our customers, our online friends, and those strangers across the country who are interested enough in our work to follow our various artistic pages.  These are people we most likely will never meet in person, but are extremely important to us nevertheless.  We always want more of these, right?  Whether we know them personally or not, our followers matter greatly to us.  We depend on these people to provide a solid support platform for us whenever we launch a new art piece, music project, book, or whatever.  They give us valuable feedback, answer polling questions about titles or book cover preferences, and so many other things that make our products better.  We’d be lost without them!

How did these unknown followers find out about us in the first place?  Some stumbled upon us like a hiker stumbling upon a snake on a trail, and picked us up off internet searches.  Others saw our pages when one of their acquaintances shared our page or something we posted on a blog or Facebook.  For most of us who self-publish our work, this sharing of information among friends and friends of friends is the life blood of building our fan base.  Networking is key!  We don’t have representatives out of major book publishing houses, art printing houses, or recording studios, to whom we’d have to pay thousands, doing it for us.  It’s not an ego thing to have a large following, but rather, a make-or-break economic issue.  That’s why you see so many people, myself included, asking you to share something about them you have found interesting and like.  It helps us get the word out to the public that we have new art, music, or a new book coming.  It introduces us to new audiences who would otherwise never hear of us.

Many of you have followed my Facebook art page during my creative process over the last three plus years while I researched, did photo shoots of models, and then painted the twelve women for my forthcoming book.  The writing process was more behind the scenes and currently is in the editing stage, so my book will not be out for a few more months. However, I hope to develop a large following pre-launch, so that by the time it is ready to launch, thousands of people will be excited about it.  This is where I am going to trust YOU, because you are vitally important to me, and I want to include you in the excitement!  I’m asking you to share.  Share my Facebook Art page posts, my web site, my blog posts.  It doesn’t take but a second.  I’m trusting that some of you, hopefully many, will do this for me and help me get the word out that a new book of art, prose,Defining Moments of Eve and poetry is on the cusp!

But don’t worry, I won’t come back and bite you if you don’t!  You can trust ME on that!





Centuries ago, mankind used to believe that the world was flat, and one could sail off the edge into the Great Abyss if one weren’t careful and got too far from land.  Most mariners dared not venture too far out to sea, but found ways to operate within their preconceived boundaries.  Today, we know that’s not true, but can you imagine the sense of adventure those first sailors experienced while they were discovering this?

Many years ago I was driving down a local highway where I used to live.   I came to a small bridge that crosses the headwaters of the picturesque Corrotoman River. .At the end of the bridge, there is a steep embankment dropping to the water.  Trees shrouded the bank in deep shadows, yet at the edge of the shadows, dancing in the bright sunlight and summer breezes, was a profusion of Queen Ann’s lace and orange day lilies.  The sharp contrast of sunlit flowers against the dark shadows on the edge of the bank was startling in its beauty.  I raced the ten miles or so home to get my camera, then hurriedly drove back to photograph the scene.  As I picked my way through the tall weeds, I noticed a curious thing.  None of the Queen Ann’s lace or day lilies grew down the edge of the embankment.  Butterflies and insects flitted about the flowers, but all was still and quiet in the deep shadows at the edge of the drop.  They were living on the edge.  But they, like many of us, had no reason to explore further.

Some years later, after I had moved to the mountains, I pulled out those photos and created a painting based on that experience.  I titled it “Living On The Edge.”  This painting has always had a certain amount of personal meaning for me.  Where would I be, where would any of us be, without our “edges?”  What do we do when we reach our preconceived boundaries?

I’ve lived on many edges during my life.  Most have brought about a lot of change as I dove off the end!  At this particular time, I seem to be living on the edge again.  Our youngest automobile is fifteen years old; we need a newer one.  Our heat pump/AC died in June; we need a new one.  I’ve been working on a book for three years, and am anxious to publish, but have to wend my way through the editing process.  My Man Jim and I have been weighing the possibility of selling our home, downsizing, and buying a place with a much smaller and more manageable yard.  Finally, as we seek God’s will in our lives, we are also considering some changes in the path He seems to be leading us down.  Lots of edges!  Lots of potential changes!  Not a whole lot of specific direction, yet…  So much going on, yet nothing is happening.

knowI feel it in my bones, that we are on the cusp of something, but what?  Will we fall off the edge into the abyss, or sail on towards a new world?  We don’t have a specific reason to go further yet, but why not?  What lies beyond the edge?  Patience is not my strong point!  I don’t want to sit on this cusp forever, and we’ve been bouncing around on some of these issues for several years.  I want to get moving NOW!  Alas, my timing is not God’s timing, and God is always right on time.  What’s a person t do?

I can practice being grateful, that’s what I can do! . Grateful that our cars still work, even if not as reliable as we’d like, and that Jim is a good mechanic who can fix them most of the time  Grateful that the AC unit for our bedroom area still works, so we have some respite from the heat after a long, hot day, until we can get a new unit installed for the rest of the house.    Grateful that my son, John, is my editor extraordinaire, who helps me in ways an anonymous editor couldn’t, and who does the best he can under his own time constraints.   Grateful that we have a decent home in spite of the pain-in-the-neck difficult yard maintenance.  Grateful for listening hearts and guidance from friends as we navigate the changes we see before us.  I’m learning to be grateful for what I do have rather than lamenting what I don’t have.  So, let this adventure unfold in its own time.  Living on the edge beckons!  I’m grateful for that!

Jean Carter Kimble's Pastel Art




Have you ever thought about that?  Have you wondered what, if anything, anyone will remember you for after you’re gone?  Even your family members?  I know my kids won’t give a rip that the clothes in my closet were arranged in the spectrum order of colors.  Most people won’t know I ever existed.  For those who do, it won’t affect them as they go about their daily lives.  Stop!  Think about what you’d like to be remembered for.  What did you do to show the world you existed?

Every day for months now, I have waked up in the mornings with a vague sense of disquieting malaise.  Every day, the news has been increasingly more violent, vitriolic, and depressing.  The political atmosphere has progressed from an exchange of differing opinions, to an angry battle of vicious words, to a violent war of riots, murders, and attempted murders. The atmosphere on the city and town streets across our nation is charged with intolerance and hatred.  Yesterday, a truck was shot at because it had an American flag on display and a political banner the shooter didn’t agree with.  An AZ congresswoman was threatened with death from someone of a different political persuasion.  Our social fabric is breaking down, too.  Families are failing.  There is a war against our police.  Just today, a friend of mine was assaulted as she rode her bicycle.  She happens to be a racing biker, so she was able to avoid the assailant’s two attempts to grab her, and was not hurt.  She got away, but so did the assailant.  Sadly, he will try this on someone else because he was not caught. The same is happening on a much larger scale with world events.  Most who perpetrate this mayhem might believe they are doing the right things for their agenda, but they will not be remembered kindly in the annals of history, either worldly, or heavenly.  Through it all, the silent majority does nothing.  Most don’t know what to do.  Many are fearful they or their families will be targeted if they speak out.

This news junkie has been forced to turn off the TV for days at a time because it’s too much of a downer to watch or listen to.  I recently swore off the internet for several weeks because of the same thing.  I have severely limited my usage since I’ve returned.   I wonder what will happen as our neighborhoods and country are being torn apart.  So, what’s a person to do?  Will I be part of the problem, or part of the solution?

I can’t tell anyone else what to do, but I can answer that question about what has worked for me.  I do what God prompts me to do.  If I don’t do that, or put it off, I find myself restless, dissatisfied, bored, and wondering what to do next to fill the empty time.  I have discovered that I am happiest and fully at peace within when I am fulfilling His agenda instead of mine.  God gives us gifts and natural talents, and the passions to use them for His glory.  They were not placed in us to hide away unused, but to be developed.  I gave up art several times over the last forty years.  Once for ten years, once for five and another for four years, other times for two years or less.  Each time, I thought the reasons why were more compelling than the art.  Each time, I was unhappy.  There’s a message here!

I found that I am not fully alive, not fully engaged, and not fully at peace with myself in spite of the sorry state of the world, unless I’m doing what God has given me to do.  He gave me a book to write about twelve Biblical women, and how they found peace in the turmoil of their world.  It’s God’s job to take care of the world; it’s my job to tell these women’s stories.  Their stories are timeless!  Their examples have given me peace!  Painting them and writing about them has given me purpose!  Surely, if I follow His directions, what I’m doing will help others make life-changing decisions and find their own peace in the midst of turmoil.  That is my prayer.  That is what I hope will be my legacy.

The woman who anointed Jesus left a powerful legacy, and we don’t even know her name!  But, she is remembered forever.  Every one of us has a powerful legacy to leave, whether it’s for family and friends, or for a larger audience.  Will it edify, or will it vilify?  Oh, my goodness!  Tonight I’m feeling a lot like that woman must have felt!  Finding peace in the turmoil!





This isn’t the usual type of post I write, but for the last few days, as I’ve considered Sarah’s story while I’ve been going through the editing process, I felt compelled to share what I intend to become the “CONCLUSION” of my book.  As a matter of fact, the Holy Spirit has been prodding me unmercifully about this for several days.  So, I figured I better listen and do what He’s telling me to do, just as I did when He gave me paintings to paint and a book to write.  Here is what will be my last chapter.  it may change a little as the editing process gets to it, but the basics will not.

“Several things happened on Easter eve 2013 that weighed heavily on my heart.  I feel compelled to share these things and my associated thoughts.

My Man Jim went to the grocery store to pick up some items I needed for an Easter cake I was preparing.  As he left the store to come home, he got caught in heavy traffic being rerouted from the main highway around an accident scene.  He asked a bystander what had happened, and was told that a child had darted out from between parked cars and had been struck by an oncoming vehicle.  The ambulance had already left, and no one knew the child’s condition.  Jim came home with a heavy heart and wondering about the outcome.

After I got my cake in the oven, I sat down at my computer to check my Facebook news feed, where I saw more disturbing news.  A friend was receiving post reports from family members on the other side of the country.  One of their little ones had gone on a hike in a national forest with a group of his friends and his daddy.  A dead tree collapsed, falling on one of the children, killing him.

Still later, a post appeared from the local Fire & Rescue, warning motorists to avoid the accident scene here in town because the investigation was still ongoing, and that the child who had been hit had been pronounced dead.

Coincidentally, at the very same time I saw that post, I saw this meme from someone who knew nothing about what I had been seeing:  “As you waste your breath complaining about life, someone out there is breathing their last.  (Italics mine)  Appreciate what you have.  Be thankful and stop complaining.  Live more, complain less.  Have more smiles, less stress.”

Now, that hit me hard!  I didn’t know any of the people involved in either of those tragedies, but I do know that on that Easter morning, the day we as Christians celebrate Resurrection Sunday, two families on opposite sides of the country woke up (if indeed they were even able to have slept at all that night before) to the fact that one of their most precious had breathed their last.  As I’d taken these events in, I’d had a great deal of trouble myself getting to sleep Saturday night.

Think with me for a moment.  Do you know complainers?  I mean the chronic type, those who constantly rob your joy by their negativity about everything?  If you compliment them for anything, they will tell you why you are wrong. If you have a plan, they’ll tell you why it won’t work.  If you have a new idea or a suggestion for solving a problem, they’ll do their best to convince you why it’s not such a good idea.  They’ll say they are just being truthful with you, as friends should be, when in fact, their negativity is really all about them.  Misery loves company, right?  They complain about people who wronged them.  Circumstances which ruined them.  Jobs they hate.  The reasons why nothing ever works out for them.  Yet, they practice the definition of insanity every day:  doing or thinking the same things over and over, always expecting different outcomes.  If you let them, they will suffocate you.  So, here I am, complaining about the complainers.  Please bear with me.  There is a purpose for it.

On Easter eve, Friday had passed, Jesus had breathed His last, but Sunday was coming.  This is a good part of what John 10:10 is all about.  Jesus willingly gave up His last breath so that we, as believers, could have life, and have it more abundantly.  Sometimes, I think we forget about that last part.  The “abundant” part.

Two days later, I saw another Facebook meme:  “Getting knocked down in life is a given.  Getting up and moving forward is a choice.”  Why do we knock ourselves and those around us down when we have such a beautiful option to rejoice in the good fortune of what we do have going for us?  The thief is here to destroy, and take away our joy, and to kill, but it’s up to us to decide if we will let him do that.  We not only have eternal life, we can have ABUNDANT life, right here, right now!  Jesus gave His last breath so that we don’t have to waste ours with complaining, negativity, misery, and putting off what He’s given us to do because we happen to believe it won’t work, it’s a bad idea, or whatever..  There are those who no longer have the opportunity to even grow up enough to be able to make that choice.

These events made me do some serious thinking.  I hope I can practice John 10:10 better.  I pray for those families who have suffered such great loss.  I have learned something at their expense.  I decided right then and there to ditch the negativity and stay away as much as possible from those who won’t.  I can no longer let them rob my joy.  After all, isn’t negativity really a lack of faith?  Essentially, it is saying, “I don’t believe God will take care of me.  He really doesn’t love me.  He’s not there personally for me.”  Imagine what the outcomes of the women in my book would have been if they had harbored such thoughts!  When I think about that as applied to my own life, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my life would be miserable indeed.  Had I not listened one night to that little voice in my head telling me I’d have rest when my world was upside down, I wouldn’t have had that joy in my heart in the morning, which remains with me to this day.  That is what changed my life.  That is what gives me peace beyond all understanding!

I don’t want my breath to be wasted breath!  After all, I don’t know how many breaths I may have left!  I’ve discovered that when I’m not working on what God has given me to do, I’m not happy.  Instead, I’m restless, dissatisfied, impatient and at loose ends wondering what to do next.  Negativity creeps in.  But when I’m pursuing the goals He’s given me to accomplish, I’m living life to the fullest.  The joy and the passion I experience when I am working on what God has given me to do knows no bounds.  It fills me, and surpasses all understanding!  It extends into everything else I may have to do that day.  That is abundant living!  I want every day to be like that!

So does God.  God wants His children to live life abundantly.  It’s His air we breathe.  We shouldn’t waste it, but instead fill it with joy, peace, praise, song, hope, and love!  Fill your lungs with His air!  Don’t put off doing what He has called you to do, thinking you have plenty of time to start it tomorrow, or next week, or next month…  You may not have tomorrow, next week, or next month.  Don’t waste Jesus’ last breaths.  Remember what He sacrificed for you!  Because He lived and died, you can face and overcome any difficulties in your tomorrows!  You can have eternal life with Him in heaven, but you can also have, not just life, but abundant life, here on earth!  Reach for it!  Rejoice in it!  Be redeemed by it!  Find your peace out of life’s turmoil.  You won’t have wasted your breath!”

*   *    *    *    *

John 10:10 – “The thief does not come except to steal and to kill, and to destroy.  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”




Everybody knows when they go on road trips, if they are venturing into unknown territory, they need directions.  Most people today rely on GPS.  GPS is great, and I love it!  Why would I, or anyone else, need a map?  Because a map shows the big picture that a GPS can’t.  And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in putting together my book, thanks to my editor.

When I started this project, my original intent was to paint twelve Biblical women at their defining moments.  In between painting times, I wrote each woman’s narrative and some applications taken from their lives for living today.  This required researching their stories, where they lived, or where they traveled.  Some of these women covered some amazing amounts of mileage!  Some of them lived in obscure locations.  Sarah was one of those women who traveled an extraordinary amount of miles.  She also lived in places most of us never heard of.  I loved the research, and wrote all about these things for each woman whose history was known.  I figured I had covered all the bases.

No, I did not.  Enter my son, John Ebersole.  He is my editor extraordinaire.  He was reading over Sarah’s narrative.  He contacted me,  “Mom, have you ever considered including a map for Sarah?”

“No.”  Why would I need to do that?  I had written all about where everything was in my narratives.

“Well, if most of your readers are like me, and aren’t familiar with all these places, and they try to follow where Sarah was going, they will get so confused!”

Holy cow!  I had never considered this before.  It was easy for me.  I had done the research.  I knew where all the places were and how far away they were from other points in the stories.  But then, I also remembered how I’d had to do a lot of research to find that stuff out.  Most readers will read the stories, but not take the time to look all of that stuff up.  I immediately saw the validity of his question.  How many people actually know where Haran or Gerar, Shunem or Shushan, or Kemet were located?  I realized that most  readers would need a map to see where these places were to understand where many of these women went, or where they lived.  I determined then and there that I would be drawing some maps for several of these women.

I have my son and editor to thank for this illuminating idea!  Just another reason to appreciate his work!  I am self-publishing, and have no established relationship with a long-term editor who knows me through and through.  I wonder if this would’ve happened with an unknown editor who would’ve been randomly assigned to me by the publishing house?  Sure, that editor would check spelling and grammar, sentence structure, redundancy, over-all flow of the writing, and adherence to the main theme of the book.  I knew I would never communicate with this person to discuss ideas or issues.  Certainly, I would never meet this person.  I would pay him or her 20-30 cents per word for the job, and that would be it.  But an illustrative idea such as a map?  I doubt it.

It’s an editor’s job to make a book better.  Come to find out, I do have a long-standing relationship with my editor, who knows me through and through!  He really is making my book better!  From writing tips, guiding me through the process of staying on target, suggesting excellent books on writing to read, proofreading, corrections and more corrections, encouragement, and now this map idea.  That’s truly a road map for success!  Thanks, John!





Anybody out there like to fish?  I sure do!  I know that once a fish takes your bait, it has two options:  it can let the bait go, or bite too hard and catch the hook.  But you might not know which it is, so if you want to make sure you catch that fish, you must give a tug on the line to set the hook in its mouth so it can’t get away.  Then, you reel it in…

Did you know that’s what book titles are supposed to do?  I didn’t.  Never thought about it before.  You’d think being a commercial art major in college, I’d have realized that, and yes, I wrote lots of headlines (titles for articles or advertisements–same principle) in some of my courses.  I do understand the concept perfectly, however, I’ve never written a book myself, so I had no personal experience to pound that concept into my mind for this project.  I have been out of school too many years…

For the last three years, I have been operating under the assumption that I would title my book WOMEN’S STUDIES – Defining Moments.  Early this year, after I finished all the paintings for the book, I began the difficult task of editing, and learning how to put it all together.  Part of that pertained to titling.  Oh, easy!  I had that already figured out!  Until I read the educating part.  Wish I could remember who’s book or blog I got this from, so I could refer you to it.  I think I may have gotten it from Stephen King’s book, ON WRITING – A Memoir Of the Craft, (excellent book!) but I’m not sure.  I can’t check because I returned it to my son and editor, to whom it belongs.  So, I will lay out what a title is supposed to be, as much as I can recall, since I didn’t take notes.

First, I’ll go with what titles shouldn’t be.  They shouldn’t be vague, or too long.  They shouldn’t be confusing with similar titles out there.  They shouldn’t be graphic or explicit so that you’d be embarrassed saying the title out loud to someone in a public place where you could be overhead.  Especially since a great number of sales are the result of word-of-mouth recommendations.  Most importantly, titles shouldn’t be boring.  Well, I didn’t have to worry about the vulgar or too-long parts, but a simple Google search showed me that the key words, “studies” and “defining” covered literally thousands and thousands of book titles.  Would you want to go through all those searching for one book?  There are studies and defining moments of everything on earth, from science, history, the arts, athletics, politics, medicine, you name it!  When I got down to the brass tacks, I also thought my title was uninteresting and vague.  One of the things I learned was that non-fiction almost always needs a sub-title to bring clarity of what the book’s about if the main title doesn’t offer an explanation.  My sub-title didn’t even do that!  Thus, I knew right away I’d need to re-title my book, and use the WOMEN’S STUDIES title as a working title only.  I referred to that in my March 15 blog, “The Art Of Making Art Into A Book”.

The second part of my education on titling examines what a title should be.  The main title should be short.  It should be memorable so it can be recalled and easily looked up or told to someone else.  It should be interesting, standing apart from millions of other titles.  It can be provocative, (not explicitly embarrassing).  It helps a lot to have a “hook”.  A successful title has these attributes.

How do you find that out?  First, write a list of potential titles, maybe five or six.  Do a poll among your family, friends , your Facebook followers or blog/ web site followers, to select the title and sub-title (if using one) they like best.  This won’t be an accurate poll, because they know you personally or through online avenues, and already know what your book is about.  They have preconceived notions, and similar backgrounds to yours.  Your family and personal friends will buy the book no matter what the title is.  Your followers may also, because you have been making them interested for months as you’ve talked about it.  They want the content.  But the thousands who are browsing in bookstores or online book sites know nothing about you or your book if you are an emerging, self-publishing author.  This is where a non-biased poll comes into play.  I put a poll up on PickFu (www.pickfu.com).  For a small fee, they conduct instant polls on book titles, cover art, and about anything else you need.  They send your poll question out to vetted respondents across the country.  These people are like the browsers — they never heard of you or your book.  They select what to them is the best title option you’ve presented, based on which one interests them enough to want to check a book out and see what it’s about.  Then, they leave a comment explaining why they made their choices.  Something has to grab them, to make them pick up or click on the book and at least open it to see what it is, rather than passing it by.  It’s the first step to making that sale.  If the title is ho-hum or offending, they won’t even bother to check, no matter how good your book is!  That is the #1 job of a title, and it must be compelling enough to hook them into looking further.  The title is the first advertisement most people will see about your book.  If it’s memorable, intriguing, and the subject interests them, they will buy it and tell others, who can also remember it well enough to look it up in a store or online, and so on.  I took my favorite title and another one that ranked very high among the respondents of my personal poll.  I filtered it on PickFu to my target audience: women.  33 of the 50 women polled selected the title that was my favorite.  The reasons?  They were intrigued by the “hook” and wanted to know what the book was about.  It tickled their curiosity.  They felt the second option was boring.  Just 17 chose the second option.  Their comments ranged from “lofty”, “inspiring,” or “poetic.”  They thought the first option was silly or risque.  Their comments in favor of option #2 were nice, but it was clear from the numbers that this title wasn’t going to get the fish onto my hook.

Along with the poll results and comments came the demographics of the respondents:  percentages of positive reactions for each option in the different age levels, income brackets, educational levels, and ethnicity.  It was intensely interesting to me, and gave me a lot to think about.  I believe it was one of the most valuable things I’ve done in this process, and I hope to run it again as I get closer to sending stuff off to the publisher.

Bottom line:  if you are thinking about writing a book, no matter what the genre is, I urge you to take advantage of these polls.  Many people don’t realize the importance of a title!  They come up with a title they like, and believe the whole world will like it also.  Trouble is, they are so close to their project, they can’t see how others might perceive it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed by books on the shelves or online because of boring titles.  Usually, self-publishing houses have people on staff who will come up with titles, but according to my research, they often miss the mark as well.  YOU are the creative one!  Do your homework; come up with some titles you like, and some you might not like, but run the polls.  Their results may surprise you!  You have too much invested in your project to have it fail when it doesn’t have to.  Your title is far too important to be weak.  Take charge!  Set the hook and reel in your sale!



Writing a book has been an interesting and educational experience!  Why didn’t I learn some of this in commercial art at VCU?  I certainly understand the concepts!  Alas, I have never written a book before, so there was no personal application to pound home how important these applications are when it comes to presenting your book to the public!  This was not what I’d intended to write about on my next post, but it became my topic of the day after last night’s experience.

Of course, I have been trying to educate myself on launching a book, since I will be doing that soon, so I’ve been following some blogs and reading some books on “how-to’s.”  Here was something I had not thought of:  the importance of the book’s title.  Did you know that the title is the single most important advertising tool for a book?  I never thought of it that way.  Here’s why:  In the thousands and thousands of titles out there, both online and on the shelves in bookstores, the title is what grabs a browser’s attention first.  No matter in which genre the author is writing, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, and to whom, males, females, age groups, ethnic or religious, etc., the title must have a hook to interest someone enough into at least picking up the book to see what it’s about.  It must evoke curiosity, intrigue, a desire to pursue checking it out further.  If it is a boring title, people will assume it’s a boring book as well, and pass it up in search of something more interesting.  The title is the first way most people become aware of a book.  It must not be confused with other similar titles, and it must be memorable!  It could be a title that’s provocative, but not graphically explicit, something someone would not be embarrassed to tell someone else in a public place where others could hear.  Who knew??  Certainly, I had never considered this!