“The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” Is Officially Finished!

I have tinkered around and fiddled with small details on this painting, P1140674and I believe she is finished.  There comes a time on every painting when you just know that enough is enough, and you’ll only go downhill if you fool around with it any more.  Every artist needs to know within his or her own being when a painting is finished!  Therefore, “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus” is FINISHED!  Now, I need to move on to the supporting scripture calligraphy for her.

Moving Right Along…

I did a lot of tweaking tonight on “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”.  I worked on her eyes, lips, forehead, jaw line, neck, and tears, all before I got into actually applying new color to new areas.  Tonight I finished her hair, earring, and part of her upper back and shoulder.  I think the hardest part is over.  Hopefully, it will continue to move along well!  I like her, so far…  She is a special lady with a lot of meaning to me.P1140619

She Lives!

I always feel like my paintings don’t come alive until I get the subject’s eyes done.  Yesterday, I was able to complete her whole face!  There’s still some more tweaking to do, but she lives now!  And she feels.  I’d like to finish up her hair tonight, as well as the tweaks.  Then, maybe over the weekend I’ll be able to finish her up completely.  That would be pretty awesome!  I believe it would be a speed record for any painting in this series, so far.  Although I’m certainly not aiming for any speed records in this project, I always like to finish up a piece and move to the next one.  Oh, I forgot…I still have the calligraphy to do, too…P1140566P1140563

Photo Shoot!!!

Yes!!!  Tomorrow is a photo shoot.

Yes!!!  Tomorrow is a photo shoot.  I have three models lined up, the lighting technician available, and a day the church is open and available for us to be there!  I will be photographing these ladies for “Sarah”, “Mary, Mother Of Jesus”, “The Woman With An Issue Of Blood”, and “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”.  It will be a busy day, starting about 9:30 am when I get there early to rummage through the wardrobe closet to select some appropriate costumes.  I must remember to take my headscarves props.  Last time I did a shoot for “The Shunammite Woman”, I forgot to take them and almost couldn’t find a substitute!  Around 10:00 am, I will photograph “The Woman With The issue Of Blood” and “The Woman Who Anointed Jesus”.  The same model is serving for both.  She has to leave at 11:30 am, and my next subject, “Sarah”, will arrive about that time for her photo session.  I may finish with her around noonish.  Then, I hang out about an hour or so until “Mary, Mother Of Jesus” arrives.  I expect to finish her in about half an hour or so.  Hopefully, all three ladies will be available for me to take them to lunch afterwards, as a way to thank them for graciously giving me their time out of their busy schedules.  For me, it will be a very exciting day!  Getting four more subjects photographed gives me the information I need to paint four more women in my “Women’s Studies” series. This would bring the number of completed paintings to nine.  Then, three quarters done, only three more left to complete.  Hello book!!!!P1140439