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        Welcome to my blog, and the sometimes crazy world of a multi-faceted baby boomer artist straddling the gap between “old school” and “high technology”. Sometimes, it’s like riding a roller coaster! You’ll find that I have a wide variety of interests, and that my art includes much more than painting. It’s my hope that in addition to introducing you to my art, I’ll be able to provide you with useful tips and information on the products I use. Check out “Ten art supplies I can’t paint without”, and “Four great places to buy art supplies and equipment”. How did I, an admitted technophobe, end up here? I bet a lot of you started out just like I did.

            In a nut shell: I loved to draw and paint; went to art school; entered small local art shows; eventually graduated to national, juried art shows; won some awards; began expanding product line, such as limited edition prints, note cards, etc. Some of you even may have hired ad agencies or an art representative to get your work “out there”… I never could afford that. I spent 25 years on the show circuit, building up my reputation and a following . I had a lot of circumstances beyond my control that threw boulders in my path, and there were times when I had to give up art altogether for several years at a time until those circumstances resolved. I also moved several hours away from my former home a few years ago, leaving my base behind and becoming an unknown in a brand new area.

           You’ll discover more of my journey and these valleys on the “About Me” page. With God’s saving grace, however, and a vision for my future in the art world, I’m still here, moving forward, climbing that mountain. I might be technologically impaired, but I have an open mind about what using technology can accomplish. I might not know how to set things up, might not understand learning those intricacies, but I sure can learn how to use it once it’s set up! I LOVE my personal Facebook page (set up by my daughter)! How much more will I love interacting on this blog with people who are passionate about the same things I am passionate about?!?!?

              So, here I am… I can say unequivocally that I would not be here without the unfailing encouragement from my three wonderful children, and the selfless support of my incredible husband. I have two sons and a daughter who all grew up in this computer age. They answer my endless questions of “how to…?” and give me excellent suggestions and advice. They never seem to get impatient with my lack of knowledge concerning anything technological. Their help, support and input has been invaluable. My husband, Jim, is more tech savvy than I, and has taken it upon himself to learn how to make a blog site. He has created this site, learning as he went along setting it up. It wasn’t easy, and there were many mistakes and re-do’s, but through his diligence, here it is, and here I am! Check out his blog site at “Jim Kimble Marketing“.

             So, cozy up with a good cup of coffee, and join me for a look at my ever-evolving world of art, writing, and various other creative projects. I hope it will be informative, educational, helpful, and just plain fun!


JEAN'S COOL ART - click on image above

I attended Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Communications Art & Design (commercial art); I learned a lot, but I hated C.A.!  Designing tooth paste tubes, milk cartons,and newspaper ads just didn’t cut it for me! I really wanted to draw and paint fine art works, so in 1979, out of school for 8 years by then, I concentrated solely on painting.  I had left water colors behind in my teens and moved on to oils, then settled on pastels as my medium of choice.  Largely self-taught, I developed a style uniquely mine, as all artists do, and I enjoy experimenting with different papers and new techniques.

JEAN'S PHOTOS - click on image above

Photos taken on my journey!

JEAN'S WRITING - click on image above

I had some good English courses that exposed me to excellent realms of writing.  I was not a Christian at that time, so my writing was quite different in those days.  Later as my children were almost grown and I was a single mom, I got into limericks, too!

I still write about the wonders of this world, all the Lord’s creations, my thoughts on certain Bible teachings and on God Himself.  I go through periods of prolific writing, where it seems I can’t get it down on paper fast enough,

“Rahab’s” Progression

“Rahab’s” Progression

Once “Rahab’s” pattern was complete, and I started to add color, her face went through more metamorphosis:  Her mouth, her eyes, her clothes all needed reworking to make her look less hard, less shifty-eyed, and like she was standing in a dark,...
“Rahab” from start to finish!

“Rahab” from start to finish!

Oh my….I’ve been so remiss!  It took me FOREVER to get to “Rahab”.  At my last post, I was just trying to get my eyes cleared up from infections on my corneas; that took over two months, into November!  From early November to early January, I...