Have you ever wondered how billions and billions of cells can all be dividing at one time and yet not make one sound?  How can sunlight be composed of the seven colors of the spectrum, yet appear white?  How can silica mixed with lead melt together into a substance so beautifully clear as crystal?  What about space???  Mind boggling!!!

When I became saved by God’s grace, my curiosity about the incredible wonders and miracles of God’s world and my joy in His goodness and mercy, even in difficult times, became so much more pronounced.  At times, I just have to stop everything and write down my thoughts about whatever insights or revelations I believe God has given me at those particular times.  Some of my thoughts and poetry have been triggered by Sunday messages from our pastor in church, observing an incredible natural phenomenon or wildlife, or simply researching something in my Bible and becoming overwhelmed when I receive insights from God that I had not considered before or appreciated in the same way.

It is during these times when my pen becomes a mighty instrument of gratitude to let loose what is in my heart.  I hope you’ll travel with me in my Christian journey as I pass through the valleys and climb the mountains to the high peaks of life, knowing that my God sustains me every step of the way as I write my love songs and letters to Him.  I hope you’ll be inspired to think about Him and His love for you, too, and how He can change your life, as He changed and continues to change mine.  I have purpose, His purpose, and to God be the glory!