I did a lot of creative writing in high school, from poetry to short essays.  Amazingly, I still have many of them.  They are poorly written for the most part, and are about scenery (for beauty), wildlife (for nature), and even one about a tramp (for humor), but everyone has to start somewhere with anything they do!  By college I was writing a lot more.  Short to medium length poems with fairly good meter and rhyme.  Thoughts came off the cuff as I sat in my dorm room contemplating life, lost or found love, one’s destiny, etc.  I had some good English courses that exposed me to excellent realms of writing.  I was not a Christian at that time, so my writing was quite different in those days.  Later, as I grew in my Christian walk, I began to enjoy this form of artistic expression more and more, writing poetry, limericks, and lately, essays.

 I still write poetry and short essays, and will be posting some of them on this site, pairing them with some of the spectacular photographs I and my husband have taken on research trips or just fun jaunts.  I still write about the wonders of this world, all the Lord’s creations, my thoughts on certain Bible teachings and on God Himself.  I go through periods of prolific writing, where it seems I can’t get it down on paper fast enough, and then the well runs dry…only to have the spring gush forth again months or maybe even a year or more later… Maybe one day I’ll even write a book…I’m considering that idea!

 Stay tuned…